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Lauren Ong Ting Lan

Commissioner for Oaths & Notary Public


Lauren was educated at Raffles Girls’ School and St Andrew’s School Singapore and graduated from the National University of Singapore in 1982 with an LL.B (Hons) degree. She was called to the Singapore Bar in 1983 and has been in practice since then. Lauren was a Legal Assistant with the firm of Boey Ng & Wan when she started practice in 1983 until 1992, and thereafter joined Seah Leong & Partners (now known as Seah Ong & Partners LLP) in 1992. She was elevated to a Partner in 1994 and became a Consultant in 2015.

Lauren’s areas of practice include:

  1. Contracts/Commercial Law
  2. Property – Conveyance and Tenancies
  3. Family-related Matters – Probate, Divorces, Wills
  4. Corporate Matters
  5. Debt Recovery/General Litigation
  6. Employment and Labour Matters

Lauren has considerable experience in civil matters. She has also conducted trials in the State Courts and the High Court. She was the lead lawyer for the majority owners in the collective sale of Pasir Ris Gardens, Toho Gardens, Lucky Towers, Le Marque, to name a few (for a comprehensive list, see the profile of the firm). She is also a member of the Law Society of Singapore and the Singapore Academy of Law.

She currently serves as a volunteer lawyer with the SAFRA Legal Information Service and is also the Legal Advisor of the Ong Clan.

Lauren actively serves in various Christian organisations rendering legal and governance advice to the churches and affiliated bodies. She has been a board member of Care Community Services Society for about 20 years and till this day still serves in that capacity.

Her hobbies include hiking, reading, travels and she enjoys good conversations with people over meals.