Seah Ong & Partners LLP

It can be distressing when one faces the end of their marriage, or gets into trouble with the law. Our Community Law Practice is here to help. We approach our divorce and separation matters with the utmost care and discretion, with the aim to help our clients preserve familial relationships amidst the end of their marriages..

We are experienced in criminal defence and mitigation, having assisted many a repentant client in pleading their case before the Courts. More recently, we have represented clients in mitigating their sentences for COVID-19 related offences.

As part of our efforts to serve the community at large, our lawyers are on the panel of solicitors for the Legal Aid Bureau and the Law Society’s Criminal Legal Aid Scheme. Through the years, we have assisted many litigants referred to us with the same care and professionalism as we do with our non-legally aided clients.

Our team has also assisted many clients with their Estate Planning needs, including drafting and advising on wills, testamentary dispositions, trusts and gifts. We have also assisted our clients in making arrangements to ensure that their interests are preserved in the event they lose their mental capacity or faculties, and are equipped to assist our clients with inheritance and estate related matters.

  • Acting for parties in the initiation of divorce proceedings
  • Advising on the ancillary issues to a divorce
  • Custody and access arrangements
  • Maintenance claims for spouses & children
  • Division of matrimonial property and assets
(In the handling of divorces and related matters, our lawyers approach the cases in a collaborative and non-confrontational manner – to preserve the relationship of the family). Our firm is also on the panel of lawyers for the Legal Aid Bureau and handles cases on matrimonial matters for the applicants.
  • Application for Grant of Probate
  • Application for Grant of Letters of Administration ( in cases of intestacy)
  • Related application – appointment of executors, proving of wills, interpretation of wills approval for sale of properties
  • Preparation of wills for distribution of assets
  • Advice and preparation of Lasting power of Attorney
  • Preparation of Power of Attorney to assist client in the administration of assets
  • Application pursuant to the Mental Capacity Act
  • Representing clients in the defence and / or mitigation of Penal Code, Road Traffic Offences, Trade Mark Offences;
  • Preparing letters of representation for the withdrawal, reduction or compounding of charges;
  • Appearing in Court for trials, plead-guilty hearings and appeals;
  • Preparing written submissions and mitigation pleas; and
  • Advising and assisting clients facing charges under the various newly enacted COVID-19 legislation.